Didi La Baÿsse Art Studio & Gallery


Home decorating can be daunting and so exciting at the same time. 

Didi La Baÿsse provides you with the complete service of designing & creating original paintings, especially for you to suit your home or office decor.   

All about artist & designer Didi La Baÿsse

Didi La Baysse

Artist & Designer

I am a Contemporary French Artist. I provide original artwork which I exhibit in my Art Studio & Gallery. Only the finest quality artist paints and materials are used for total satisfaction.

I was born in Tahiti, lived in France, and have been living in Australia since the early 1980s. I am a local Kuranda artist established since 1990.

Art has always been part of my life. Having an artist Mum meant I was always surrounded by artwork, the scent of oil paints and linseed oils, art tools and easels were part of my daily décor.

Experimenting throughout my career I found my style to be of simple lines with layers of bold vibrant colours. My artwork takes me to places I have never been before. I want my audience to feel a sense of fascination.

I am a self-taught freelance artist. I consider myself privileged as I make a living as an artist and manage my own art studio & gallery in the Kuranda Village where I can showcase and interact directly with my customers. I can satisfy their curiosity as they step into my creative space.

I prefer to paint with acrylic paints allowing me to apply thick layers with my palette knife building-up texture, I use any other tools I find handy in my studio, I even use my fingers and my own shirt, that is why you see me covered in paint.

I have a soft spot for painting female nudes and their cats - I tend to be cheeky!! it must be my French heritage. I also paint sailing boats, horses, birds giving me a sense of freedom. My landscapes represent my region the World Heritage Rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef.     

“A few discreet images of fleur-de-lys will remind you this *is* a space where the spirit of France is alive even at the edge of the world...This gallery is such a great addition to Kuranda's eclectic and vibrant art scene. Every piece by Didi is highly individualistic and unique.”

Diana Thoresen
Didi La Baÿsse Art Studio & Gallery

"This is a wonderful, vibrant and very welcoming art gallery. Didi's art work is a true expression of her 'joy de vivre' and a reflection of the beautiful and colourful aspects of life in Far North Queensland."

Francoise Nozaic
Didi La Baÿsse Art Studio & Gallery

Hi Didi,

Your painting just arrived. I'm so excited! Just as I remembered, it's extremely original, unique, beautiful and dazzling! A brilliant work of art. Thanks so very, very, very much for sharing it with me!!It will always evoke for me memories of the sensations of Kuranda – indeed, of every exotic, lush, and beautiful paradise on earth.All the best with your brilliant career, stay well during these trying times, and have a wonderful Autumn!Wayne

P.S. By the way, I had thought of framing it. But have decided to leave well enough alone. It's perfect as you mounted it.

‘Yummy Red Picking‘
Wayne W. - Fairfax, Virginia, USA

‘Oh WOWw, We absolutely love it. It’s fantastic. The butterflies are one of our stand-out memories from visiting Kuranda this year and you have completely captured them. The reds you’ve used are exactly perfect for our en-suite, just what we wanted to match the feature tiles we have chosen.  

So, thank you very much indeed.’


‘Ulysses in the Hut’
Julie W.- Sydney, Australia


Didi La Baÿsse Art Studio & Gallery is a beautifully presented and delightful working studio with original paintings and unique 'Objets d'art' created on location by flamboyant Kuranda artist Didi La Baÿsse. The gallery also features artworks from local artisans including glass, pottery and jewellery. If you are looking for a unique souvenir, gift or anything special, Didi's Art Studio and Gallery is a must see!! Come and have a look and enjoy the artwork. Opening Hours can vary **To avoid disappointment please contact Didi to confirm Opening hours for your visit. Appointment Highly Recommended.  

See Didi at the Gallery!


20 Coondoo Street, Kuranda, Far North Queensland 4881, Australia

Didi's Story

Artist & designer Didi La Baÿsse represents a smiling and free-spirited dab of French Polynesian influences in Kuranda - the heart of Far North Queensland’s (FNQ) World Heritage-Listed Rainforest. From her art Studio & Gallery in Kuranda, a world-renowned tourist destination above the FNQ air and seaport of Cairns, Didi, in her late-40s, has already established an enviable Australian and international reputation as an artist.

Didi La Baÿsse was born of French parents on the beautiful French Polynesian Island of Tahiti in 1971. Her family moved to the city of Cannes in the south of France in 1976, then immigrated to Australia when she was 10 years old. Didi has been living in Kuranda, a little scenic village up in the Rainforest mountains of Cairns, for over 30 years where she creates her collections. Didi is an established artist since 1990 having an enviable Australian and international reputation as an artist... and it continues to grow.

Her desirable acrylic paintings, generous with paint slashes and humour, marry her rainforest surroundings with colourful Polynesian influences and whimsical imagination. Didi has a natural flair for bold simple structures and the use of brilliant colours. As well as her Fine Art paintings, Didi is also gifted with the knack of hand-building 3D sculptures from terracotta, forming nude figurines and wildlife creatures to complement her creativity. Incredibly, Didi handles the ever so delicate and prestigious silk textile, taught by Melbourne and Adelaide French Silk artist/designer "Marie France" Frater, among her early tutor.

Didi is equally adept on cotton fabrics, favouring the heliographic sun printing technique to best convey the uniqueness of her Polynesian influences. The results on canvas and silks are often addictive, finding their way into many private collections in Australia and worldwide. From delicate silks, practical cotton to Contemporary Art, sculptures, silver/goldsmithing... Didi is truly diverse.

Though growing up in Australia, Didi's education mixed her French, Australian and Tahitian influences, and after completing her studies she travelled often between these countries. She also was invited as a "guest artist" onboard numerous Pacific cruise ships for the Holland American Line. Other artistic ventures included providing her originally designed silks and cotton textiles for fashion parades - from Cairns' Pier Marketplace to 'Marchetti's at Palm Cove, Australian Tourism promotions, solo textile exhibitions and having her work featured heavily in Kuranda village's own international promotional material. In 1996 Didi was proudly representing her country as a Miss Universe Australia 1996 pageant, as well as having her silks "shown off" during the Miss Universe Australia 1996 swimsuit choreography.